Grand Master Kimm Yong Sup


Grand Master Kimm was born on the 18th of February 1935 in Jeon-Ju Province, widely recognized as a cultural center of excellence in Corea. The youngest son of Cho Chun Ja, a compassionate and uncommonly well educated woman and Kimm Chong Hoon, rural landlord, intellectual, patriot and social activist, Grand Master Kimm began life in a time of political unrest.

Guided in particular by two simple pieces of wisdom from his father and in a family home that exemplified the essence of Corean culture, discipline in all areas of endeavor and an unfailing commitment to social justice, Grand Master Kimm began life. A life devoted to physical fitness and philosophical and intellectual enquiry.

Educated at Jeon-Ju high school, he was fascinated with the idea that Biology as a basic science links all life forms. This fascination led him to Seoul National University and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences. There he graduated as a Batchelor of Science majoring in Micro Biology and Botany. Post-graduate studies in Oriental Medical Science from the Kyung Hee Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Institute in Corea followed a few years later.

As well as pursuing a 15 year career teaching biology in high schools, Grand Master Kimm lead an award winning research team at the Jeon-Ju Environmental Research Institute, was active in the Catholic Young Men’s Movement, a leader in the Teachers Trade Union movement and was on the executive committee of the World Confederation of Labour.

Migration to Australia

In 1977 life circumstances propelled Grand Master Kimm and his family towards a new life in Australia, the continent that had fascinated him since University days. Carrying with him a background steeped in traditional Korean culture, he arrived as a Master in the arts of Hap Ki Do and Sun Do, with extensive training and knowledge in acupressure and acupuncture, Corean language and dance, calligraphy and philosophy.

Soon after his arrival in Melbourne, he was instrumental in establishing the Corean Catholic Community Church, and the International Hap Ki Do & Sun Do Academy. Later he established The Corean Language School Support Foundation and the Universal Peace Charity Foundation, based on the ancient Corean Sun-Do philosophical principle of “Hong Ik In Gan, Ee Hwa Se Gye”.

Grand Master Kimm Yong Sup 10th Dan, is the International Hap Ki Do Federation President in Australia and a member of the Federation’s executive committee in Korea. He is President of the Senior Grand Masters International Association and founding President of both The Universal Peace Charity Foundation and Yuk Sa Baro Algi Moim. He is the Australian Representative for the Asia Pacific Earth Life Remediation Association (Korean based) and the President of the International Support Groups for the Asia Pacific Earth Life Remediation Association.

United Nations (NGO) Martial Arts Ambassador for Peace

In September 2003, Grand Master Kimm travelled to San Diego to receive a letter of commendation from the UN (NGO) International Association Educators World Peace, World Peace Martial Arts Ambassador Association, for his “outstanding contribution” to peace.

In December 2004 an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy was conferred on Grand Master KImm. This award was acknowledgement from his peers at the California Union University, of a life time of study and commitment to the philosophy of Universal Peace in action

At a function to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Universal Peace Movement,  August 2005, Grand Master Kimm was presented with a UN (NGO) award  for his work for peace.

At the age of 78 Grand Master Kimm continues to practice and teach his arts, as well as holding an energetic and egalitarian vision for the future.

Vision for the future

The vision was seeded in the 1950’s, University days. As a major in Biology, a young Yong Sup Kimm was fascinated by, and drawn to the ancient continent of Australia with its unique flora and fauna. Australia was to be a home; one day.

Some 20 years later these seeds were to sprout, as life circumstances propelled a Master Kimm Yong Sup and his family towards a new life, in that great continent which was to finally become home.

Grand Master Kimm arrived, bursting with all the experience of his 43 years, wrapped as a gift for Melbourne Australia; ready to begin to enact his dream.

As a new migrant I want to bring understanding of Korean culture to my chosen home. As thanks mind for the opportunity to be embraced by this wonderful multicultural country, I want to share my knowledge and experience, to leave a legacy for my Australian family. I promised to my father that I would do this.

I want to build up a Universal Peace Centre to teach the Korean martial Arts, to teach about all aspects of Korean culture, history, medicine, food, dance, and calligraphy etc. I want it to be a place where people of all cultures can come to learn and to give their wisdom.

I want to lift up Melbourne as the “sprouting place” of the Universal Peace Movement.

Now we have our opportunity for spreading out Universal Peace and the name of Melbourne Australia, through the California Union University, new Martial Arts department, in co-operation with the UN Martial Arts Ambassador Association.

I want to continue to build relationships with many different groups of peace focused people in Australia. I am so thankful for the support I have found both in Australia and with my friends overseas. Actually I am confident that all the time I have the big support of the Universal power at my back.

— Grand Master Kimm