An Oriental Path to Holistic Health

By Grand Master Kimm Yong-Sup

SunDo (Ancient Korean Philosophical Art)
Ji Ap (Korean Traditional Acupressure)

The quality hardback publication is an easy to read reference for all those interested in taking an active role in their own health and well being.

As such it makes and excellent training manual/companion for SunDo students. Rich with historical and spiritual insights and invaluable practical instruction, the text provides its reader with an endless source of inspiration and information.

Grand Master Kimm outlines SunDo principles and the origins of SunDo. An exciting and fascinating inclusion is the reference to Cheon-Bu-Kyung, an ancient Korean scripture, which is integral to SunDo study.

Grand Master Kimm also explores how SunDo relates to other fields including western medical science, philosophy and religion. His description of the training methods (including preparation, Do-in-Bub, Hang-Gong-Bub, abdominal breathing, meditation and Ji Ap) are made easy to follow with ample inclusion of photos and diagrams.

The location and function of the main energy meridians of the body are described diagrammatically and in simple text. An invaluable separate section illustrates combinations of acupressure points which can be used for common ailments including childhood asthma, colds, pimples, boils, insomnia, aches and pains to name a few.

The reader will learn of changes and effects, which may be experienced with SunDo training and be inspired by SunDo messages.

Letters from Master Ahn-Il-Sang, which address many training issues, are a bonus, as is the inclusion of an outline of Bong Han Theory and an exploration of its significance in cell renewal.

The book is excellent value at $100 per copy. Please contact us to arrange a purchase and delivery.