Grand Master Kimm’s History

Training and teaching in Korea from the age of 15… and still training and teaching


Born in Jeon Ju to Cho Chun Ja and Kimm Chong Hoon during the Japanese occupation of Korea (1919 -1945).

Jeon Ju Middle school, where Martial Arts was a compulsory part of the curriculum, he began his Martial Arts training under Grand Master Pak Pyung Sup.

Jeon Ju High School, where Martial Arts was a compulsory part of the curriculum, he continued his Martial Arts training in an intensive group under Grand Master Oh Soo Ok.

As congratulations on his University enrolment, his father gave him a mountain on which to start a forestry business. This business continued through the period of his University Education, his High school teaching, his Military Service and his study at the Kyung Hee Institute. Over many years he grew thousands of Chestnut, Gingko and Persimmon trees.

Seoul National University – majoring in Biology.

Seoul National University Instructor level Hap Ki Do intensive training group.

Entered Military Service – served in the Information & Publishing Division as a photo journalist providing still and moving pictures for army newspapers, magazines and historical records.

During Military Service, continued his Instructor level Hap Ki Do training.

Returned to Seoul University to complete his studies and graduate as a Bachelor of Biology.

Taught Biology at Jeon- Ju Hae Sung High School.

The Environment Research Institute – team leader for award winning research into soil, water and air pollution in Jeon-Ju province.

Began daily early morning instructing and training in Hapkido. This early morning training schedule continue to this day.

Moved to Seoul where he taught Biology at Dong Book High School.

Began Sun Do study and training with Grand Master Kim Tae Young.

Studies at Kyung Hee Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Academy.

Instructor and Master training (Hapkido) at Kuk Sool Quan (Kuk Sool Won) under Grand Master Kim Oo Tak.

Leader in the teachers Trade Union Movement and served on the executive committee of the World Confederation of Labour (WCL, Korean Region).
Represented Korea in Bagio, Philippines at one month intensive leadership training.
Travelled regularly internationally for congress to Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Manilla.

Served on the executive committee of the Catholic Young Men’s Association.

Migrated to Australia on 1st of May.

Established the first Korean Catholic Church in Melbourne on 22nd of May.
Established the first Hapkido Academy in Australia on 1st of October.
Became the Australian International Hapkido Federation President.

Taught acupuncture privately and acupressure at the Council of Adult Education.

Invited by the World Peace Organisation to Washington for the Grand Masters Martial Art Congress.

Invited to Beijing as a special guest of The Chairman of the Chinese Martial Arts Centre to discuss fostering Martial Art relations between China and Australia.

Travelled to Korea as the Australian Catholic Community representative at a Korean Catholic Congress to hear Pope John Paul 2nd give mass. It was there that Grand Master Kimm met Sister Emma Friesinger, founder of the Lily Leprosy Foundation. At this time Grand Master Kimm became a ‘silent supporter’ of the Foundation, this support is ongoing.

Elected as the President of the Korean Community in Victoria and established the Korean Language School Support Foundation.

Invited to Yong-Joung City in Manchuria by the descendants of the Korean Patriots from the time of the Japanese occupation. Meetings were held to discuss Korean reunification and Universal Peace. Sundo training was also conducted. The visit was hosted by the city Mayor Mr Shin Soo Gil and Grand Master Jang Hong Mae.

Invited to Toronto Canada to be on-location as a Martial Art action advisor for Grand Master Bong Soo Han, in the movie ‘Return of Billy Jack’.

Invited to Yun-Byun University in Manchuria by the Dean, Professor Kim to discuss Hapkido and Sundo instruction and Universal Peace activities.

Invited to Seoul by Grand Master (Kuk Sa) Myung Jae Nam to present Hapkido and Sundo seminars at the International Hapkido Federation headquarters.

Invited by the Russian Tae Kwon Do Association to Moscow, St Petersburg and Minsk to deliver a month of intensive Hapkido and Sundo seminars. Following the seminars Grand Master Kimm held Korean Reunification discussions with Korean expatriates living in Russia.

Invited to return to Russia by the Russian Hapkido Association. Further intensive Hapkido and Sundo seminars delivered in Moscow, St Petersburg and Minsk. Seminars were followed by Korean reunification meetings and information sessions on Universal Peace.

Returned to Russia to deliver follow up seminars in the same locations. Grand Master Kimm followed these seminars with meetings to discuss Korean reunification and the role of Universal Peace.

Established the 1st Sundo Academy in Australia.

The National American Korean Association invited Grand Master Kimm to participate in Korean Reunification meetings in Washington, Los Angeles, and New York. At these gatherings he also introduced the audience to Sundo and the concept of Universal Peace.

Grand Master Kimm published his book ‘An Oriental Path to Holistic Health’.

Arranged for a team of Korean Broadcast Services documentary makers and their chief PD Mr Choi Young Min to travel to Balgo and the Kimberlys. Grand Master Kimm accompanied them to secure entry into local Indigenous communities and arrange permission to film everyday life of the local people. The local people gave Grand Master Kimm a ‘skin name’ Ja Ka Mara’ meaning youth and health.

Grand Master Kimm was invited to Dharamsala by His Holiness the Dalai Llama to discuss Hapkido and Sundo seminars.

Lead by Grand Master Kimm, the Australian International Hapkido and Hankido demonstration team:

  • Participated in the 4th International Hapkido games in Yong In Korea.
  • Accepted an official invitation to visit the Korean National Assembly where the Secretary General of the National Assembly, Mr Kim Byun Ho welcomed the team with an official lunch.
  • Travelled to the War Memorial at Ga Pyung, where they joined with the Mayor and Police Commissioner to pay their respect to those fallen during the Korean War.
  • Travelled to Tae Gu to formalise Grand Master Kimm’s thirty year ‘silent patronage’ of the Lily Leprosy Foundation.

Grand Master Kimm was invited to Gotingen University Germany to deliver Hapkido and Sundo seminars.

Became an Oceania committee member of the Korean Reunification Action Organization.

Grand Master Kimm and a small Universal Peace delegation travelled at their own expense to Dharamsala. There Grand Master Kimm donated his time and expertise to provide training and seminars for His Holiness The Dalai Llama’s bodyguards, monks and exiled students.

Travelled to Washington for a meeting of the Korean Reunification Action Organization.

Travelled to San Diego to receive a letter of commendation from the UN (NGO) International Association of Educators World Peace Martial Art, Ambassador Association, for his ‘outstanding contribution’ to peace.

Travelled to Brazil to deliver Hapkido and Sundo seminars and introduced the Universal Peace Movement to the participants o the World Tae Kwon Do Championship games.

Travelled to Los Angeles to receive an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy, California Union University. This award was an acknowledgement from his peers of a lifetime of study and commitment to the philosophy of Universal Peace in action.

Was invited to join a small delegation to Israel:

  • As an extension of the Universal Peace’s interest in and commitment to supporting environmental improvement, he was able to view water conservation and recycling practices.
  • The trip also provided an opportunity to introduce the work of the Universal Peace movement to the people of Israel.
  • He was invited to the Israeli Military Academy where he demonstrated Hapkido techniques with selected members of the Academy. The Principle of the academy General Gal and many of the Academy Professors and trainee Officers were present at this demonstration. Grand Master Kimm was then invited to plant a tree at the Academy to commemorate the visit.

As a result of his ongoing commitment to upholding and promoting all aspects of Korean culture, Grand Master Kimm and his wife Wendy June were invited to Pyong-Yang, North Korea for the 1st International Martial Art Congress and Games for Peace.

The 10th Anniversary of the Universal Peace movement was celebrated at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. A distinguished audience that included representatives from both sides of politics witnessed the exchanging of views and a spontaneous handshake between North Korean Ambassador Mr Chon Jae Hong and South Korean Ambassador Mr Cho Sang Hoon. The opportunity for the handshake that brought the packed ballroom to its feet was made possible by Grand Master Kimm, who quite coincidentally was presented on the night with a special peace award from IAEWP UN NGO. To read more and view pictures please click.

Travelled to Washington for a meeting of the Korean Reunification Action Organization. There he had the opportunity to present the Kae Young Bae to the United States presidential advisor on Korean Peninsula matters, Frank Januzzi.

  • At that time Grand Master Kimm received The (USA) Presidential Active Lifestyle Award after which he travelled to Boston to deliver a Universal Peace seminar.
  •  The title of President of the Senior Grand Masters International Association was conferred on him in Los Angeles on the same trip.

Announced Emma Freisinger as the Inaugural recipient of the Universal Peace Award.

Travelled to Simyun, Manchuria for congress of the Korean Reunification Action Organization.

Travelled to Mountain Diamond (Keum-Kang) in North Korea for congress of the Korean Reunification Action Organization.

Was invited to attend the Boston Tae Kwon Do Education Foundation function as a representative of the Senior Grand Masters Association.

Established Yuk Sa Baro Algi Moim.

Became the Australian representative for the Asia Pacific Earth Life Remediation Association (Korea).

Arranged for Yuk Sa Baro Algi Moim to invite eminent Korean Historians Dr Shim Pak Kang and Dr Hong Beom Rhee to deliver a short lecture program at the Asia link building, Melbourne University. These lectures were presented in both Korean and English and provided unique insights into some pivotal points in Korean history.

Was part of a small delegation from the Asia Pacific Earth Life Remediation Association to Sri Lanka on a peace mission to research Buddhist heritage.

Became the President of the International Support Groups of the Asia Pacific Earth Life Remediation Association.


Was invited to be a part of a delegation to attend the Israel Australia Forum in Israel. On behalf of the Universal Peace Movement, Grand Master Kimm prepared a special Korean philosophical gift for the leaders of Israel and Palestine and an Australian dignitary. Grand Master Kimm presented a “Kye Young Bae” to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and as President Mahmoud Abbas was out of the country his Kye Young Bae was accepted by the foreign Minister of the Palestinian National Authority Dr Riyad Al Maliki. Grand Master Kimm also presented the Kye Young Bae to Australian Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd.  From Israel he travelled to Korea for congress of the Korean Reunification Action Organization.

Travelled to Washington for congress of the Korean Reunification Action Organization then to Korea for congress of the Korean Reunification Action Organization. Grand Master Kimm then had private meetings with Australian and Korean dignitaries.

Sri Lankan Historical Heritage & Environment:
Met with Sri Lankan parliament member, Principla of Buddhist University & Environment Minister