The Niigatta Seminar

Grand Master Hur Nan Kimm Yong- Sup Korea Japan
December 2014- January 2015

My most recent trip to Korea and Japan was for 5 weeks at the end of 2014. It was very busy, very positive and time went very quickly. I was fortunate to be invited by Kim Hak Jae founder of the Earth Life Environment Remediation Association and Mrs Maumi, Chairperson of the Japanese branch of the Earth Life Environment Remediation Association. My job was to help with the preparation and delivery of a three-day seminar in Japan.

The seminar about Immaterial energy and Metaphysical energy was held in Niigatta city from the 22nd – 29th of December 2014. Niigatta is a very beautiful city, quite green and very famous for being the main general agricultural and rice farming area in Japan. The province is equally well known for being a popular tourist destination.

As an Australian Korean and the chair of the Australian branch of the Earth Life Remediation Association I was very proud to join my honorable colleagues in helping with this successful seminar. One hundred and eighty enthusiastic Japanese participants represented many professions and many provinces near and far. They gave their full attention from eight am till six pm each day and were excited to have their very noble photo taken on the last day- as a reminder of their great experience.

The delivery of the seminar material was mainly handled by Chairman Kim Hak -Jae. He was in front of his audience eight hours every day – he is truly amazing! The seminar had a very special agenda, which was to give the participants opportunities to conduct their own experiments to check for the presence of negative energy. According to these experiments they were amazed to realize the presence of this negative energy.

Two Professors gave twenty-minute presentations on the results of their recent research. Professor Oh Son-Ryong spoke about the effect of radiation on food and professor Shin Bum – Soon spoke about the discovery of special energy flow lines around a particular mountain in Kakadu National Park Australia. My twenty-minute presentation was on my general experience of Immaterial and Metaphysical energy and how the study has benefited my health and happiness. I also spoke about the spread of the Universal Peace Movement – of which I am founder. At the end of my presentation there was a lot of applause and many people told me how impressed they were and how much they liked my genuine talking.

The Poongmool Syan Ddeu Se Kwang Kwang Kwang team gave an amazing performance that demonstrated how to control and defend against negative energy through the energy of their drumming. This gave seminar participants more opportunities to practice using their checking methods to identify the presence and absence of negative energies. It also helped them to recognize and have the confidence in the positive energy of the checking methods. I will explain more about the Poongmool Syan Ddeu Se Kwang Kwang Kwang at another time.