Universal Peace Academy

Under the guidance of Grand Master Kimm Yong Sup, the Universal Peace Training Academy and its Instructors take a holistic approach to the way students learn. As a Grand Master in the arts of Hap Ki Do and Sun Do and with  extensive training and knowledge in Kyung Nuk Sul, Corean language, dance, calligraphy and philosophy, Grand Master Kimm provides a unique knowledge  base for the extensive range of subjects offered by the Academy.

The core subjects of Hap Ki Do, Han Gum Do, and Sun Do are offered on a regular basis/6 days a week. A wide range of other subjects such as Han Ki Do, Kyung Nuk Sul and advanced Sun Do and Hap Ki Do training, to name a few, are offered in seminar format.  Seminars are generally conducted by Grand Master Kimm and also by local and international guest lecturers.

The Academy attracts students of all ages from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and professions creating a rich family environment. In this setting  students are encouraged to develop their health and fitness, to recognize and value each other’s unique potential and to find ways of using their talents to  work with others who share a common goal of peace and harmony in our natural environment.

The Korean Martial art subjects are taught by Grand Master Kimm, his Instructors and Assistant Instructors with the deepest respect for tradition. Students do not compete with each other but rather they are taught to stick together and help each other.


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