Universal Peace Charity Foundation

Supporting the work of the Universal Peace Movement

The Universal Peace Charity Foundation has a mission to be a creative force for peace in our local community, nationally and on the international scene

In August 1995, Hap Ki Do and Sun-Do Grand Master, Kimm Yong Sup, decided to establish a more formal vehicle for the charitable work that he and his students had undertaken over many years in Australia and Korea. The Universal Peace Charity Foundation is the result.

The ancient Korean Sun-Do philosophy of “Hong Ik In Gan, Ee Hwa Se Gye” is the principle on which the ancient nation of Korea is built. Hong Ik In Gan, Ee Hwa Se Gye is also the basis for the work of the Universal Peace Charity Foundation.

“Hong Ik In Gan Ee Hwa Se Gye” means enacting true compassion by spreading peace for the benefit of human kind; creating a harmonious world.

As an internationally respected Martial Artist, Grand Master Kimm believes that acting honourably at all times and upholding the principles of Hong Ik In Gan Ee Hwa Se Gye demonstrates true strength of character, rather than fighting and competing.

The members of the Universal Peace Charity Foundation strongly believe that the most effective way to build a better and more harmonious society, is through cooperation and collaboration with like minded individuals and organisations.

To this end the Universal Peace Charity Foundation has centred around supporting people and organisations who are making a positive contribution to spreading peace and helping those in need.

The Universal Peace Charity Foundation has raised much needed funds for and supported an array of local and international causes

  • The Lily Leprosy Foundation (30 Years)
  • The Gawler Foundation (Cancer treatment and research)
  • The Alfred Hospital heart Unit
  • The exiled Government of Tibet
  • An Orphanage in North Korea
  • The Collingwood Children’s Farm
  • The exiled government of Tibet (donation seminars for body guards, monks and exiled students)
  • The Salvation Army (‘Going Places creating memories’-for young people who have been institutionalised)
  • Science works Museum (environmental education programs for children) The Melbourne University School of Earth Sciences (research to support the effective use of ground water)
  • A range of community groups (donation Sun Do training sessions)
  • International Embassy staff in Canberra — South & North Korea  (donation Sun Do training sessions)
  • Korean Language School
  • Korean History Education for community groups