Universal Peace Movement

When we talk about Universal Peace, we mean Universal order and harmony. For each of us, it means that we commit to nurturing that order in our relationship with ourselves, in our family relationships, and within our local and global communities. It means that we commit to nurturing that order in our natural environment, and most immediately the precious blue planet on which we live.

The potential for Universal Peace is inside all of us.

Many people understand peace as the absence of war. This is true, but from the 21st century, our human society really needs to understand peace in a broader way. Why? Because when we think more broadly, each of us is given the opportunity to influence the Universal Order in a positive way every day. “Universal” applies in every condition and all circumstances.

“Universe” embraces all existing things, all creation, including the cosmos.

If we can understand the principle that we are all small Universes in the vast Universe, we can be confident that we all have been given what we need to make our own unique contribution to peace. It doesn’t matter who we are or where we live, we can all act for peace.

How? We can begin by taking the time to recognize and value each other’s unique potential, and to encourage that development. We need to realise that we come into the world alone with bare hands. We leave the same way. So our struggles to compete and accumulate possessions, really work against a peaceful existence. When we love each other there is peace and hope. When we listen to nature we can learn from her example how to care for our environment and be thankful for its gifts.

As we understand and care for our own bodies and minds, we begin to appreciate the relationship between the micro and macro Universe and understand how the Universal energy flows through us all.

Through our many different eyes we can see many possibilities. According to our talents, we find a place where we can work to make a difference. Through our actions we can energize and encourage others to do the same.

Once we start to train our minds and bodies to be healthy we begin to understand how our own unique abilities can be used to benefit others. We start to live the ancient Korean philosophy “Hong Ik In Gan, Ee Hwa Se Gye” (enacting true compassion by spreading peace for the benefit of human kind; creating a harmonious world.) Opportunities that allow us to influence our human and natural environment in a positive way, then present themselves.

As with the “Butterfly Effect”, where the movement of one butterfly’s wing will eventually be felt on the other side of the world, our smallest actions can contribute to a wave of positive energy. In time this will restore the Universal order and the peace that we all yearn for.